Looking for the quality, or quantity?
Why not come to us.

Ulitimate solution for the ballpen print!
Yes,we have in here. No any other place, we bet you.
No one need for above facilities, but one who has the carrier throughout more than half a century of this bussiness field, “ballpen print”.

Each one of you can set them up easily on your working floor by asking the manufacturer for a PI.
Machine operation manual comes with, but no high-technic manual ”how to print”.

We’ve been kept serving for solely ”Ballpen Print”.

Indeed, above facilities are the symbol for our knowledge and technique solely onto “ballpen print” thoughout more than half a century.

So, what can we print with those?
Multi dimensions and multi color print by turning jig.
Full-color print with wide-range/more than semicircle.
Multiple-piece print by either index-table or convayor-table.
Much more can be printed combining by above functions.

We have to pay the special appreciations to our customer who’ve been kept supporting us and to machinery manufacturer who’ve kept working with us for a long time.

We are the company with full of high-motivation, which leads us to the tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, so on. Never be satisfied with whatever we’ve achieved something best, even at this momemnt.
It’s our sprit.




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